Friday, February 15, 2008

New Blog for all my Woodworking friends to come and vent.

Hello everyone, I'm making this Blog for all my Woodworking friends to come onto and Vent their frustrations out. All other Blogs are always about the people creating them. I never found one that allows people just to say what's on their minds while doing a project and working with their favorite material, WOOD. I hope that you will leave behind many great comments and Pictures if you can. Thanks for visiting, Keep Making that Sawdust Guys. Lance

1 comment:

muddler mike said...

well, let me say you do nice work....... for a old, blind guy, that is ;)

My complaint is that I NEVER GET INTO THE SHOP IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! It amazes me how much time I spend thinking about woodworking when I should be thinking about other things, and yet never seem to have the time to get into the shop. Free time is never free, is it?

Great idea Charger - let the bitchin' and whinnin' comense!